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Quick Dinner 1

Tonight’s dinner. “Recipe” below.

Since this isn’t your typically run of the mill advice blog, I’ll be adding excerpts from my life that I believe will benefit others.

I started feeling under the weather today. It’s always exasperated by my fibromyalgia so I typically feel worse than a “normal” person would. I had to pick up the kids after work due to my husband having a late in the day appointment. Which meant that the three of us would be alone until roughly 7pm. For most, this wouldn’t be a problem. For someone who struggles with sometimes debilitating anxiety, it can be terrifying. My anxiety has been through the roof lately, I don’t feel good, OH, and I forgot to take out something for dinner.

I dragged my happy butt out to the freezer in the garage and lucky found the only thing left that’s quick – meatballs. I sautéed them in a pan, added sausage gravy, and that’s it. I did a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and instant mashed potatoes. I made myself a romaine only salad with some dressing.

Our oldest loved all of it while the picky toddler proclaimed that it was gross prior to tasting it and only ate mashed potatoes. I still call it a win.

Forget the dishes for now, I’m snuggled up on the couch with my cuddly toddler. Cleaning can wait. these moments won’t last forever

Awkward hugs, Kat



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